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About us

It all started with a bead stringing class I took with my sister-in-law at adult education in 1990.

From the very first bead, I was hooked. Beading allowed me to be creative and to express myself.

I started to make jewelry and was selling at craft fairs. Because of my interest in the stones, I started to sell at the gem and mineral shows and from there I sold at the bead shows. We were doing 40+ shows a year in 7 states throughout the northeast. Rich and I would go almost every weekend with 2 kids in tow.

As my kids got older, it was harder to be gone every weekend. We had our eye on a particular location in Wantagh, and when that became available we jumped on the opportunity.

The store has been open for 12 years and 12 years later I still love it!!

Over these 12 years I have meet many many fabulous customers and to this date, there are many I would call my friend.

I have enjoyed all 28 years of my beads!!

I hope to enjoy another 28 years!!

If you would like to learn to bead and find the joy I have, please stop in to our store or send me an email or call me.

I would love to share my enthusiam of beading with you.